Underwater photographers love the Red SeaSnorkelling

The Red Sea boasts some of the world’s best snorkelling. In many places, the reefs rise right up to within inches of the surface, and the myriad colours of the corals, sponges and marine life will delight young and old. The warm waters mean that you can venture in wearing just a swimsuit with your mask, snorkel and fins, but it is a good idea to don at least a rashguard, if only to protect yourself from the sun, as well as give you a bit of thermal protection. Because you don’t have to go deep to see all manner of marine life, the snorkelling is also perfect for children to get their first taste of the underwater world.

Learning to dive

With a multitude of high-quality, professional dive centres throughout the resort areas of Hurghada and the Bays, El Quseir, Safaga, Marsa Alam and the Sinai Peninsula, you would be hardpressed to find a better place to gain your initial scuba-diving certification. Even on the local reefs, where many beginners make their first foray into the Red Sea, divers are guaranteed to be blown away by the sheer number and colour of the corals and fish species. And there is always the chance of an unexpected encounter with a pelagic visitor like turtles, dolphins, rays or sharks, so always keep one eye out into the blue.

Continued education

The Egyptian Red Sea is the ideal spot to continue your rise up the scuba education ranks. Imagine completing your wreck specialty on the Thistlegorm, your drift dive specialty along the front of Shark and Yolanda Reef in Ras Mohammed, your deep specialty on any one of the innumerable world-class wall dives, your underwater photography specialty in the midst of some of the most-prolific marine life on the planet… The list goes on. 
Tech diver descending to a shipwreckMEDITERRANEAN EGYPT

Finally, for archaeology hobbyists, Alexandria has a lot of ancient history under the water. This section of the Egypt coastline, into the Mediterranean, is the most-popular destination for history-loving scuba divers - with over 7,000 Pharaonic, Greek and Roman artefacts and wrecks from Napoleonic battles, World War One and World War Two, this Egyptian city offers some of the most-interesting and unique dive sites in the North Africa.
Learning to dive in EgyptScuba diving

The Egyptian Red Sea is the ideal playground for scuba divers, boasting some of the world’s best shipwrecks, walls, reefs and drifts, never mind a rich Indo-Pacific array of marine life, so it is no wonder that it is often a staple on many dive centre and club trip calendars. Land-based and liveaboard trips are a fantastic way for groups of divers to get to know one another, enjoy some fabulous diving and make some amazing memories. However, the resorts are also perfect for singles, couples and families, so whatever your personal situation, you will also be guaranteed a warm welcome in Egypt.


Way beyond simple snorkelling, freediving is a rapidly expanding sport, and the Egyptian Red Sea has been at the core of this discipline, with the Blue Hole in Dahab, in particular, finding favour with freedivers and freediving instructors alike. Whether you are already a freediver and just looking to explore the rich reefs and spectacular shipwrecks, or wanting to qualify as a freediver, then there are many well-regarded instructors who can help you in your quest.

Diving on a closed-circuit rebreatherFreediving a Red Sea reefTechnical diving

Whether you are an open-circuit technical diver, or have gone down the closed-circuit rebreather route, you will find a vast array of deep-water sites far beyond the scope of recreational divers just waiting to be explored. From endless walls falling away into the abyss to dramatic shipwrecks below 100m, there is plenty for all levels of technical diver, from those making their first tentative steps into this world, to those who are pushing the boundaries and going deeper for longer. Many resorts have centres that can cater for technical diving, and there are several liveaboards which are well set up for mixed gas and CCR divers.