INDONESIANeu ReefWhile Raja Ampat is home to an incredible number of dive sites, one area, in particular, is a hotspot for a myriad of interconnected and overlapping reefs. Kri Island is found in the centre of the Dampier Strait, an area well known for its abundance of marine life. While the most popular dive sites you might hear about here include Cape Kri, Sardine, and Chicken Reef, there is a much less-dived and truly incredible reef to be found -Neu Reef.

Neu Reef is an extensive reef system comprising two main sloping reefs with a shallow sandbank connecting the two. Because of the location of the dive site, you will be treated to masses of fish swimming over the reef slopes. This site has it all, from turtles, barracuda, parrotfish, and reef sharks.

The reef is an impressive combination of rock formations rich with colourful hard coral and significant soft coral growth. The openings and overhangs shaped by the rock formations are home to many species of marine life, and it is often possible to spot a tasselled wobbegong shark or two relaxing here. The soft coral growth towers above you as you make your way to the lower reaches of the reef slopes, and when looking up, you can imagine being in a field with the tree-like sea fans gently swaying with the water movement.

The two reef slopes offer an incredible diving experience, but the connecting sandbank makes this site more attractive. While this area might seem very unassuming from the distance as you cross the patch to reach the connected slope, you can spot large schools of barracuda swimming in the current.

This dive site, for many, will be enough to take an already incredible dive to the next level, but this dive’s crowning point is found hiding in the sandbank below. The bank sits at a shallow 12m-15m and is largely protected from the stronger currents that can sweep through the Dampier Strait, making it the perfect habitat for the elusive Papuan garden eels.

These small eels can be seen as far as the eye reaches and from a distance look like single stalk soft coral swaying in the current, but in fact, these eels are using the water movement to feed on the plankton and other micro-organisms transported in the water.

Neu Reef is genuinely one of the best-kept secret dive sites in the Raja Ampat area.
Essential informationLocation: Kri Island, Raja Ampat
Depth: 12m-30m
Diver level: Beginner to advanced

“ Every dive you do you will spot something you hadn’t seen on previous excursions, and as well as the rich cargo to keep you captivated, there is plenty of marine life that calls the holds home ”
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