10 THINGSYOU MUST DO AT WAKATOBI DIVE RESORTPhotographs by WARREN BAVERSTOCK, GLEN COWANS, MARCO FIERLI, SHAWN LEVIN, DIDI LOTZE, WAYNE OSBORN, RICHARD SMITH, WALT STEARNS, MARK SNYDER, JASON WOLCOTT1 ROMA DIVE SITEVisit the outstanding coral rosette at the dive site ‘Roma’ – The site has some of the best hard coral growth in the area, and the rosette is the jewel in the crown. Make sure the dense schools of fishes in the shallows don’t distract you from reaching your goal though.
2 HOUSE REEFWalk right off the beach and experience the world-renowned ‘House Reef’ - there are few places on the planet where such a rich reef is accessible so easily from shore. You can head off with your buddy to explore at anytime of the day.3 SPA TREATMENTSRelax, with a variety of invigorating and sumptuous spa treatments - you’re on holiday after all, so treat yourself to one of the various treatments on offer. The fusion of European and Asian offerings will leave you relaxed and ready for the dives ahead.4 SEAHORSESFind your own pygmy seahorse with the help of your eagle eyed guide - of course, pygmy seahorses are preposterously small, but imagine the thrill of finding your own. Once you know where to look, you’ve already cleared the biggest hurdle.5 WATER SPORTSTry other water sports: wakeboarding, paddleboarding or kayaking – calm waters and little boat traffic make Wakatobi Dive Resort an excellent loca-tion to sample other watersports. Or try kitesurfing during June through September when the resort has a dedicated kiting instructor on staff.6 PRIVATE DININGFor a romantic treat, enjoy a private dinner for two by the beach - why not have the resort arrange a quiet and intimate dinner for two. With the sand beneath your toes, you can celebrate a special occasion in memorable fashion.

7 NATURE TRAILSpot birds and lizards along the nature trail to a local village - asmall village at the far corner of the island is linked to the resort by a nature trail. Along the trail, you can spot stunning tropical birds and other colourful local wildlife.

8 CORAL LAGOONJoin non-diving friends and family to snorkel the resort’s shallow coral lagoon – the lagoon in front of the resort is full of fascinating reef creatures, so you needn’t don your scuba equipment to share this with non-diving loved ones.

9 NIGHT DIVINGJoin a night dive to meet a whole new cast of coral reef characters - night dives are a time of serenity and calm. They also provide a rare glimpse into the private lives of the nocturnal creatures that emerge as the regular diving day ends and the sun sets.
10 JETTY BAREnjoy the buzz and beverages of the Jetty Bar at sunset – located at the perfect vantage point to soak up the almost-guaranteed sunset spectacular. You can sip a great cocktail at the same time. What could be better?