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This month, the Scuba Diver team bring you not just one, but two quality publications. In addition to the regular Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand magazine, we have also produced our themed annual, The Ultimate Divers Guide. This year, we are dedicating the magazine to Bucket List Dive Sites. This jam-packed edition is crammed full of some of the best dive sites from around the globe; there are some well-known favourites, and some lesser-known gems, to inspire and amaze.

This issue of the magazine is also packed with inspirational dive destinations and features. First, Chelsea Haebich explains why the HMAS Hobart in South Australia is such an exceptional dive. This November marks the vessel’s 20th anniversary as an artificial reef, and as Chelsea explains, this dive site keeps getting better and better. Staying in Australia, Jayne Jenkins delves into Sydney’s underwater world and discovers that this stunning city is as beautiful and diverse underwater as it is above. In the Tech section this month, we have part two of Kerrie Burow’s exploration of Mt Gambier’s stunning caves and sink holes.

For our international features, we have part two of our in-depth look at French Polynesia’s dive regions. Nicolas Remy then takes us on a journey to beautiful Bangka in Indonesia, and we also highlight some of Malaysia’s fantastic marine conservation projects.

Plus, we have PT Hirschfield’s exceptional Diving With series of interviews. This month, PT speaks with the multi-talented awarding-winning film-maker Nays Baghai. Nigel Marsh continues his quest to find Australia’s unique marine life, and Alex Mustard shares more of his expert tips on underwater photography.

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