Aggressor Adventures can now deliver you two verydifferent diving destinations within Cuba, including the famous Gardens of the Queen and the Bay of PigsCuba is one of the last real undiscovered gems in the Caribbean, and Aggressor Adventures can get you into the heart of the best diving areas. Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) is located some 60 miles off the southeastern coast of Cuba and is the largest marine reserve in the Caribbean. In 1996, it was declared a National Park and has been protected and managed for conservation ever since. Filled with sharks, beautiful reefs, turtles, various other pelagic species, caves, canyons and schools of fish, the abundant marine life and well-preserved coral reefs make it a scuba diver’s paradise.

Zapata, or the Bay of Pigs, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, and it contains the largest and mostimportant wetlands in the Caribbean.

Covering 1.5 million acres, the immense Zapata Biosphere Reserve includes marches, mangroves, corals reefs and forests that are home to crocodiles, birds, shellfish, turtles and countless plants. The protected wetlands attract thousands of birds that use this area as a stopover when migrating between North and South America. Aggressor divers explore the area surrounding this protected zone, which includes walls covered with sponges, black corals, caverns, schooling fish, macro life and much more.
Did you know?Cuba is home to the second largest reef in the world behind the Australian Great Barrier!Top Five DivesEl Farallon
This coral formation between 45ft to 160ft is crossed by some ruptures where the corals are 30 feet high over the sand and some six feet wide. Some of these tunnels are barely open at the top, allowing rays of light to penetrate to spectacular effect. The drop-off itself is full of black corals and hanging sponges, and expect to see Caribbean reef and silky sharks.

Octopus Cave
Here you can find a wall in 15ft-54ft that is full of sponges and gorgonians, and is home to tarpon, Caribbean reef sharks and massive Goliath grouper. Pillar corals rise more than six feet high and are cleaning stations for large and small reef fish.

This 105ft wall dive boasts many canyons, and has a resident school of silky sharks, which can be found swimming near the boat all the time. Caribbean reef sharks lurk in the deeper water, along with big colonies of black corals, snapper, jacks, tarpon and eagle rays.

Cabezo de la Cubera
‘Cabezo’ is a Cuban marine term for an isolated coral formation on a sandy bottom. This site has a cabezo with a circular shape, around 600 feet in diameter, and boasts big schools of dog snapper and cuberas in the water column above the structure. Different species of grouper, Caribbean reef sharks, stingrays and turtles can be found, amid clouds of blue tang.

Los Mogotes
Boasting amazing visibility, Mogotes is the name Cuban fishermen give to coral formations in a white sandy bottom, as they see these from the boat as darker areas in the sand.

Depth ranges from 21ft-63ft, and along the wall there are overhangs full of black coral, small caves with schools of tarpon – especially in May, June and July – as well as sharks and grouper.

Jardines A ggressor IThe Jardines Aggressor I is a 110- foot yacht with a wide beam built and powered for comfort, safety and stability. Accommodations include two master suites and ten deluxe staterooms, meaning it can comfortably sleep 20 guests, and there is an air-conditioned salon, sun deck with hot tub, and shaded outdoor bar and grill.Jardines A ggressor IIThe Jardines Aggressor II is a 135- foot yacht that boasts two balcony suites, and ten deluxe staterooms, so it can sleep 24 guests. It is dieselpowered and cruises at ten knots.

There is a spacious air-conditioned salon and dining area, sun deck with hot tub, lounge and deck chairs, and a covered outdoor bar and grill.

Oceans for Youth Foundation Aggressor Adventures is the Oceans for Youth Foundation contracted reservation agency for the legal ‘People-to-People’ Cuba travel program onboard the Jardines Aggressor I, the Jardines Aggressor II, and the M/V Oceans for Youth yachts. The Oceans for Youth Foundation is the registered licensed foundation to run these legal programs. Travelers will spend a week scuba diving in the best locations in Cuba while learning about the preservation of the marine environment and interacting with the Cuban culture.