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APPLE WATCH ULTRA | SRP: £849You may be wondering why we are featuring an Apple Watch in the What’s New of a scuba-diving magazine, but the big news is that the latest Apple Watch Ultra is able to operate as a dive computer down to 40m – so ideal for the recreational diver or freediver who wants to combine their dive unit with a handy everyday smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Ultra features a robust titanium case, precision dual-frequency GPS, up to 36 hours of battery life, and three specialised straps (Alpine Loop, Trail Loop and Ocean Band), the latter being a rubber one perfect for in-water use.

The actual watch is water-resistant to 100m, but at present, the Oceanic+ dive app, which has been developed with long-standing dive group Huish Outdoors, is only operable to 40m, which let’s be honest, covers the vast majority of divers who never get near this depth. It does offer full decompression data and runs a Buhlmann algorithm.

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a Depth mode straight out of the box, but this operates as a time, depth and temperature gauge. You will need to get the Oceanic+ app – which will be around $80 per year – to unlock full divecomputer functionality. The app is due out shortly.

It is massive that a company like Apple, which sells in excess of 35 million Apple Watches every year, has added scuba diving to its features.

OTTER POLAR HAT | SRP: £40Otter Watersports are past-masters when it comes to warm and toasty divewear and apres-divewear. Keeping your bonce hot when the conditions turn cold is essential when you are getting ready to dive, and especially when you come out of the water.

The Polar Hat, which is made from a quilted 200gm thermal material, is an extra-warm hat which can be worn with the sides fastened up, or with them draped down to provide additional warmth around the neck and ears.

The hat is available in two sizes – small and large.

MARES ALL-IN-ONE DIVERS MARKER BUOY SRP: £68This is an all-in-one Delayed Surface Marker Buoy from Mares that includes a 180cm long self-closing marker buoy, a 20-metre spool and line and an integrated storage solution for the SMB to roll up into, with a mesh pouch for the spool. It all makes for a very neat and tidy little set-up to clip on your BCD or wing.

The SMB features reflective tape and ‘Diver Below’ text, an oral inflator that can be pushed into your low-pressure inflator hose for rapid inflation and an over-pressurisation valve to prevent the DSMB from rupturing during the ascent.

SEALIFE SEA DRAGON 5000+ PHOTO-VIDEO LIGHT | SRP: US$599.95SeaLife has launched their new compact Sea Dragon 5000+ Photo- Video light, which is a high-performance underwater lamp delivering 5,000 lumens in a smooth 120° wide beam.

The light offers a 90 CRI (colour rendering index) with a proprietary COB LED array that replicates natural sunlight (A CRI of 100 would be just like natural sunlight). The 5000+ also has the addition of the newly patent pending SeaLife Colour Boost mode, the photo-video light combines red and white light frequencies to produce a warming underwater effect that increases brilliance and adds colours to underwater photos and video.

The Sea Dragon 5000+ is depth tested to 100m, and also has an over-drive feature that allows brightness output of 6,000 lumens for two minutes time, with or without Colour Boost, and then automatically returns to 5,000 lumens to regulate temperature and power consumption.

Accessing Colour Boost is easy - by simply pushing the mode button once, divers can adjust the brightness from 3,000 lumens, 1,500 lumens, and red-only stealth mode (which uses two red LEDs that allows for night dives that will not scare sea creatures). The Sea Dragon 5000+ also features an ‘Advanced Mode’ with more brightness and colour settings, including more Colour Boost options. The light automatically starts in ‘Easy Mode’ with five light options. The user can easily change to Advanced Mode by pushing and holding the light’s central push-button for eight seconds from the power-off state. The 5000+ is lighter and smaller than its 5000F lumen predecessor. The light head includes standard YS adapter, Flex-Connect YS Adapter and 1” ball joint adapter, for easy expansion with any YS, Flex-Connect or 1” ball joint system of arms, grips, trays, and mounts. The Sea Dragon 5000+ with its powerful 50W Li-ion removeable battery pack, will power the light for one hour with Colour Boost at full power. The light includes an AC battery charger, and international plug adapters and a protective travel case.

FOURTH ELEMENT FIN HYDROSUIT | SRP: £120Fourth Element’s range of Hydroskins and OceanPositive Hydroskins has proved extremely popular, with various tops and bottoms that could be mixed and matched. Now the Cornish company has launched the Fin Hydrosuit, an eyecatching one-piece perfect for the travelling diver or snorkeller. This OceanPositive suit is made using recycled nylon from abandoned fishing nets, and has a high chlorine and salt resistance, as well as offering UV protection UPF 50+.

You could happily wear just the Fin Hydrosuit in the tropics, or in slightly colder conditions, you could use it under a wetsuit to aid with donning, and also for an added degree of thermal protection. It comes in a Blue or Midnight pattern, and is available in sizes from XXS to XXL.

MARES MAXIMUS | SRP: £38 AND NEUTRON | SRP: £33Mares has launched two multi-purpose dive knives – the 230mm Maximus and the 137mm Neutron.

The blades and handles are made in stainless steel with a PVD coating to prevent corrosion in the marine environment.

Blade thickness is 4mm, and both models feature a blade with a blunt tip, a screwdriver, a razor blade, a serrated-edge blade, a line-cutter and the all-important bottle opener.

Both come with Cordura sheathes with attachment loops for a belt, and straps for arm or leg attachment.

OTTER EMBROIDERED BASEBALL CAP | SRP: £15You can’t beat a good old baseball cap, and Otter Watersports’ new embroidered version, featuring their distinctive logo on the front, fits the bill.

It comes in black, with a contrasting white logo.