the world of diving?
As I write this, I am due to depart to sunny Orlando in Florida for the annual Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) trade show. Last year’s event was a somewhat muted affair given the COVID situation, so the hopes are that this year will see it get back on track. It is a far cry from its heyday back in the 2000s, but it is still a big show, and many companies still choose to use it as a pedestal for launching new products.

It will be interesting to see what is unveiled at DEMA 2023, but as well as seeing shiny new products from established companies, it is also a great showcase for brand-new creations from newcomers to the industry. Sometimes there are some real little gems that surface at the show, but more often than not, they are barmier than a fruitcake and sink without trace from one year to the next - last year’s ‘highlight’ was a helmet closed-circuit rebreather that utilised canisters that literally looked like cans of Red Bull...

Talking of new, the big talking point in the world of scuba diving at the moment is the Apple Watch Ultra, or rather, the fact that Apple teamed up with the team at Huish Outdoors to create the Oceanic+ app and make the smartwatch into a recreational dive computer.

Social media has been alive with chatter about the news since it broke, with an unbelievable wave of negativity from some quarters, mainly those who were criticising the 40m depth limit (the computer is rated to 100m, but the computer app only to 40m at present), but given this will cater to a very high percentage of divers out there - and the fact that Apple sold some 37 million watches last year - it is mega that diving is being given that shot in the arm.

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