A NOTE FROM THE EDITORApple take a bite of the
dive computer market
The news that the mighty Apple had made their latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra, a dive computer via an app (through a strategic partnership with dive powerhouse Huish Outdoors) is certainly amongst the biggest developments in diving in a long time.

Oddly, the announcement was met with some extremely negative comments on social media. Many railed against the fact that the dive computer app only operates to 40m, but it is firmly aimed at the recreational diver, and many of these don’t pass 30m, never mind getting close to 40m. Others commented on how the digital crown and buttons wouldn’t work with gloves on when they hadn’t even seen the Ultra in the flesh (for your info, they do work with thick neoprene gloves and even drygloves with no issue).
I am of the opinion that the fact Apple has included dive computer functionality into something they sell upwards of 35 million units per year is a major plus for the global diving industry.

Turn to page 72 for our take on the Apple Watch Ultra and the Oceanic+ app. I was among a select few who got to dive the new app before it went on general release on 28 November, and I took it for several dives to see how it stacked up as a dive computer, and how it faired against established rivals.

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