Regular columnsNews round-up Cornish award winners announced, Ghost Fishing UK get into plant pots, new cave-diving record, Dive & Dig podcast returns, and a new boat for Duttons Divers.

DAN Europe Medical Q&A The Divers Alert Network experts discuss in-water recompression and Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Divers Alert Network Claudio Di Manao focuses on the marine environment and how we, as divers, interact with it.

Our World-Underwater Scholarship Scholar Hannah Douglas gets her first taste of commerical diver training and finds it challenging, but rewarding.

Monthly features...The Maldives, part two Stuart Philpott continues his Maldives Mega Tour adventure with a visit to Alila Kothaifaru.

Q&A with Jake Davies We chat to North Wales-based marine biologist and freelance underwater videographer about the challenges of filming in UK waters, and his work with angel sharks in Wales.

Egypt Richard Aspinall is a long-time Red Sea fan, and while his interests have changed over the years, his love of night dives remains – and here he explains why he loves the dark.

Mustard’s Masterclass Alex Mustard turns his attention to Close-Focus Wide-Angle.

Scotland Ross McLaren reveals what lies under the water in Loch Long, one of Scotland’s most-popular diving areas.

Cyprus, part two Stuart Philpott continues his whistlestop tour of Cyprus, exploring several new or lesser-known shipwrecks as well as the jewel in the crown, the mightly Zenobia.

Australia Christmas Island is well known for its bigger visitors, but as Nigel Marsh explains, it should also be known for its morays.

TECH: Spain, part one Cave diver Chris Jewell heads to the Picos de Europa in Spain to take part in the Ario Caves Project.

Gear & testing What’s New We take a look at some of the new products heading to market in the next few months, including the new colourways for the Crest CR-5, Tecline’s stealth Military Line of dive kit, the handy Mares Smarty multi-tool, and Fourth Element’s toasty warm three-in-one jacket, the Atlantic.

Test Extra Editorial Director Mark Evans rates and reviews the Apple Watch Ultra and Oceanic+ app, and the Mares Atlas Adj 62X regulator.