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We all know that reading a simple page-turner PDF version of a magazine on a tablet or laptop/desktop PC is quite user-friendly, but the same can’t be said on a smartphone – quite frankly, reading PDFs on a phone is not a pleasant experience at all.

Now, thanks to some digital magic, users can enjoy reading all of the content of their favourite diving magazine in an interactive, simple-to-use format which can be installed on your smartphone, tablet or desktop device as an app. Follow the simple Installation Instruction and subscribe to Push Notification so you know when each issue is ready to read.

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Don’t worry, though, because we only lock the latest issue, so you’ll just need to wait 30 days to access the latest issues for free.

South African Karen van den Oever has extended her previous Guinness World Record for women›s cave diving, descending on open circuit to a monster 246.65m in the depths of Boesmansgat Cave.

She broke her previous cave diving record, set back in 2021, by more than 10m during the dive on Thursday 27 October.

South Africa’s Boesmansgat Cave is a legendary deep-diving site, with Nuno Gomes setting his own world record when he descended to the very bottom – a whopping 283m – back in 1996.

RECORD-BREAKER RAY WOOLLEY DIES AGED 99Ray Woolley, the inspirational diver who held the record for being the world’s oldest active scuba diver multiple times, has died aged 99.

The great-grandfather, who in 2019 broke his own world record as the world’s oldest active diver for the third year running when he dived to 42.4m on the Zenobia wreck in Cyprus, had clocked up an impressive 62 years of scuba diving in his lifetime.

Ray was a World War Two radio operator originally from Port Sunlight in the northwest of England, who settled on the Mediterranean island for many years. He only started diving shortly before turning 40, so it just proves there is no such thing as being too old to get into scuba diving!