PHILIPPINESLamanoc – Anda, BoholAnda is an unknown town located at the south-east of Bohol. Being far away from mass-tourism, this little gem offers divers the feeling that they’re the only diver in the world. Anda has so much to offer when it comes to marine life, from passing whalesharks, rays and dolphins, to the smallest, rarest critters. The combination between muck diving, walls, little caves and coral gardens makes it perfect for any type of diver. Although most divers love walls and pristine coral gardens, there’s a muck dive site in Anda that even wall-lovers believe is one of the most-special dive sites they’ve ever explored – Lamanoc.

Lamanoc will change the minds of all divers who think muck diving is boring – it’s the most bustling dive site in the whole area!

The first 0-5m is a sloping coral garden where you can find the most colourful soft corals full of tropical fish, whereafter you descend along a beautiful wall down to about 20m, and that’s where the sandy bottom is – the Valhalla of special marine life.

Most critters that are on divers’ buckets list can be found at this site, from the black hairy frogfish, wunderpus, bobtail squid, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipefish, Shaun the Sheep, tiger shrimp, blue ringed octopus, seahorses, and more than 100 species of different nudibranchs, in more colours than a rainbow! That’s why its second name is ‘Nudibranch Paradise’.

This dive site offers all different critters, in all different species, colours and sizes.

Take your time at this dive site to explore the beauty and diversity – the eye of a professional, local dive guide is definitely useful. For those who think muck diving is boring – we’d love to hear their opinion after diving at Lamanoc!

Essential informationLocation: Sha’ab Ali, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Depth: 16m-32m
Diver level: Advanced
“ This dive site offers all different critters, in all different species, colours and sizes ”
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