A NOTE FROM THE EDITORWhere will your nextdive adventure take you?Welcome to the Ultimate Divers Guide annual, which this year aims to give you some fresh inspiration for where your next diving adventure might take you, by focusing on a rich selection of bucket-list dives, those dives you really have to tick off in your logbook before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Dig in and you will find dive sites and locations from all around our watery planet, some well-known diving hotspots, others hidden gems that might not otherwise have popped into your consciousness.

Myself, and Scuba Diver North America Editor Walt Stearns and Scuba Diver Australia and New Zealand Editor Adrian Stacey, tapped into our decades of dive travel experience and sought to compile a varied list of places to whet your appetite, aided by regular contributors Stuart Philpott, Don Silcock and Deborah Dickson-Smith.

Whether you are a devotee of colourful coral reefs, a thrill-merchant looking to board the next exhilarating drift dive, a lover of epic dives along abyssal walls, a techie seeking the next cave or cavern to explore, or a wreckferret with a lust for rust, you will find plenty to take your fancy - and you never know, you might just stumble across a location or dive site that fires your next addiction in the world of diving. So enjoy, and who knows where your next diving adventure might take you after being inspired by what you find within the Ultimate Divers Guide this year.

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